Dresser Actaris Gas (ITRON)

Dresser Utility Solutions is a leading provider of measurement, instrumentation, piping solutions and over pressure protection devices to the natural gas and utility markets, including the water, gas and electric sectors throughout the world. Our portfolio includes gas metering and volume correction devices ranging from small commercial loads of 800 acfh up to large industrial applications of 102,000 acfh, a broad portfolio of pipeline integrity solutions for gas and water systems, residential and commercial/industrial pressure regulators, high-performance pressure relief devices, chemical injection pumps and both rotary electric and linear electric actuators.

For more than a century, our culture has focused on the customer. We understand the importance of partnering with a company you know and trust, who has the expertise, the technology, the resources and the bandwidth to meet the challenges of infrastructure projects around the world.

Our History Holds Strong and True

For over a century, Dresser Utility Solutions has been a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of highly engineered infrastructure for critical service applications for natural gas and utility industries. Accuracy, dependability, and low maintenance of our equipment has been proven over time. We also have a solid reputation for providing customers with products and technologies that drive performance, efficiency, growth, and safety.

The Dresser legacy was born in 1880 when Solomon R. Dresser began providing products to the petroleum industry near Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA. Well over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise are the bedrock behind the innovation inherent in today’s organization. Dresser Utility Solutions leverages this storied history with contemporary technologies which incorporate unsurpassed accuracy, reliability, precision, and most importantly, integrity, across all our product lines.

From Solomon R. Dresser’s first coupling patent in 1886 to our latest innovative products, our product line has continued to evolve to meet the needs of our customers. Here at Dresser Utility Solutions, we are strategically focused and dedicated to serving our customers’ individualized needs.

The formula for Solomon Dresser’s legacy is simple and still holds true today. Beyond the ever-expanding markets we serve, the key to our success is the employees of Dresser sharing new ideas, embracing personal accountability, demonstrating integrity and respect in all aspects of our business and a continued focus on helping our customers perform better.

At Dresser Utility Solutions, our business continues to focus on energy and infrastructure.  We are a global provider recognized for our robust equipment and customer focused approach to mission- critical applications.  Our reputation is built upon a proven history of delivering high quality products and maintaining long-term relationships with leading companies across the world, some of which exceed a century of continued service.

Actaris Gas Regulators

Actaris Gas Regulators and Safety Devices offer the European and International market a variety of  high performance, rapid response regulators for use in residential and commercial and industrial applications such as district, city gate stations, heating plants and industrial boilers.

Actaris Gas Measurement

Actaris Gas Measurement commercial and industrial meters are designed to provide the European market with continuous, accurate gas measurement in the gas distribution, gas transmission and gas production segments, as well as industrial in-plant applications.