HYR 1st Stage Low and Middle Low Pressure Regulator

The compact design of Single stage regulator’s makes convenient connection with gas cylinder. The outlet connection can be selected either hose or PT type which enable to connect with hose or pipe. Also the internal relief valve is equipped in low pressure type for the safety.


Hwa Young’s single system regulator is optimized for single system of LP gas system. Generally, it can be used with connecting directly to the low capacity gas cylinder and provide reduced pressure properly. The application is for cooking at residence and low capacity heating and outdoor appliances with convenient at all time.
Hwa Young’s single system regulator is designed for satisfied with quick response and proper pressure to supply of gas.
The regulator works with inlet pressure (0.07MPa ~ 1.56MPa) and outlet pressure range(2.3~33kPa). If the pressure is excessive than the setting pressure, the equipped internal relief valve operates to maintain the pressure for safety.

  • The loose stopper can avoid intentional opening.
  • The diaphragm which is certified for KS with its material NBR can precisely measure the pressure to high accuracy of supply of setting fl ow rate of gas and it is possible for long lasting use.
  • Internal relief is equipped for safety by release of the gas to the atmosphere to prevent explosion. (Low Pressure)
  • The aluminum die casting body makes very neat exterior by precise machining. The corrosion resistance body makes possible for semi permanently use.
  • The direct operation system and optimized design for gas flow enable quick response to variation of gas flow.

1. Check if the gas regulator and the cylinder’s specifi cation is correctly matched.
2. Refer to Fig. 1 and connect the cylinder and regulator by tightening handle.
3. Check if the connection end of pipe is clean and apply Tefl on piping tape or sealant for connection like Fig. 2-1.
3. Connect the pigtail hose with regulator with referring to Fig. 2-2 and use handle for tightening.

Fig 1. Cylinder

Fig 2-1. Pipe Conn.

Fig 2-2. Hose Conn.


  Low Pressure Type Middle Low Pressure Type
Inlet Pressure Range (P1) : 0.07~1.56 MPa 0.1~1.56 MPa
Setting Outlet Pressure (P2) : 2.8 kPa 6, 15, 25 kPa
Outlet pressure Range : 2.8±0.5 kPa P2±Within 20%
Capacity : 7kg/h 7kg/h
Internal Relief Working Pressure : 7.0±1.4 kPa No Relief
Inlet Connection Size : Pol Handle L.H W22.5*14T Pol Handle L.H W22.5*14T
Outlet Connection Size : PT 1/2B PT 1/2B
Application : Household & Commercial Household & Commercial

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