2000 Series snd Stage Middle Low & Low Pressure Regulator

2000 SERIES regulator reduces the inlet pressure range 0.025~0.15 MPa to outlet pressure range with 12~30 kPa in order to supply gas to the combustor.


This regulator’s exterior material is coated by 7 level coating system which possibly makes long lasting use without cracks tear off of paint.

It can be installed either horizontal or vertical way by thread type connection and also, it is easy to maintain without dismantle of body.


Easy to Maintain

The casting body makes easy to maintain or replace of internal part without dismantle of body

Convenient adjustment

It is possible to replace orifice according to flow rate of application.

Convenient adjustment of pressure

The anti corrosion material of spring enables long lasting use and it is possible to adjust the pressure setting conveniently.

Easy to Install

The regulator makes unrestricted direction of install by rotating of body case.


A variety of size of orifi ce is available to be replaced based on flow rate of application.

HYR-2080C & HYR-2100C TYPE

  • The internal relief valve is equipped in low pressure type (2.8 kPa) in order to stabilize the fl ow of gas.
  • Also, the relief valve makes high safety of regulator.
  • The stainless steel strainer at vent can avoid insects or foreign material.
  • The cast iron material for body enables long term use.
  • The adjustable outlet pressure setting design makes wide pressure range.

Inlet Pressure Range : 0.1~0.4 MPa
Setting Outlet Pressure (P2) : 15, 25 kPa
Outlet pressure Range : P2±Within 20%
Capacity : 80kg/h
Internal Relief Working Pressure : No Relief
Inlet Connection Size : PT 1B
Outlet Connection Size : PT 1B
Application : Commercial & Industrial

Part Name Material
Head Nodular Graphite Cast Iron
Body Aluminum Die Casting
Diaphragm NBR+Cotton (Middle low)
Diaphragm Plate Steel
Lever Steel
Adjusting Spring Piano wire
Cover Aluminum Die Casting
Valve Seat NBR
Relief Spring STS304 (Stainless)
Strainer STS304 (stainless)

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