Product Overview

The ZTZ series gas turbine flowmeter is developed by our company in accordance with GB/T18940-2003/ISO9951 "Turbo Flowmeter for Measuring Gas Flow in Closed Pipes" and combined with the advanced technology of various flow meters at home and abroad. It integrates temperature, pressure, flow A new generation of high-precision, high-reliability precision metering instrument that integrates a sensor and an intelligent flow totalizer. Excellent low- and high-pressure metering performance, multiple signal output modes and low sensitivity to fluid disturbances make the ZTZ series flowmeter a particularly high-quality commercial trade meter.

This flow meter is widely used in: city pipeline (network) gas measurement, industrial gas measurement, gas pressure regulating station measurement, energy management, and other non-corrosive gas measurement or flow control and other places.

Implement the national standard GB/T18940-2003 "Turbine Flowmeter for Measurement of Gas Flow in Closed Pipes" and implement the enterprise standard Q ZLLJ/02-2017 "Gas Turbine Flowmeter" JJG 1037-2008 "Turbine Flowmeter Calibration Regulations" and DOSH approval.

Performance characteristics
  •    Meet the technical requirements of ISO9951 standard

  The length of the meter body is 3DN (DN is the nominal diameter of the flow meter, DN250 and DN300 are 1.5DN), and it has passed high- and low-level disturbance tests.
  •   Wide flow range

  It has a wide flow range (Qmax/Qmin=20:1), good repeatability, high accuracy (up to level 1.0), small pressure loss, and low starting flow rate.
  •   Adopt integrated design

  The use of integrated pilot fluid can eliminate fluid disturbance, achieve significant rectification effect, and have extremely small pressure loss, requiring low installation requirements for the straight pipe sections before and after the flow meter.
  •   Adopt modular design

  The removable independent watch core component module has a compact structure, is easy to install and maintain, and is not affected by pipeline stress; the independent shell component module can be used for air tightness inspection alone, simplifying the process; the independent fuel pump and gauge components, each It has strong interchangeability between calibers, compact structure and easy maintenance.
  •   Automatic flow tracking compensation and compression factor correction

  It can directly detect the temperature, pressure and flow of the gas being measured, perform automatic flow tracking compensation and compression factor correction, and display the accumulated gas volume under standard conditions (Pb=101.325kPa, Tb=293.15K).
  •   Long service life

  A set of lithium batteries can be used continuously for more than five years, and has a two-level alarm output function for battery undervoltage, which is more suitable for use with an IC card management system.
  •   Easy to read

  The intelligent volume corrector can be positioned at any angle (rotation angle is 350°), making it easy to read the flow meter under various installation conditions.
  •   High protection level

  The instrument has explosion-proof and protection functions, the explosion-proof mark is Ex IA IIC T4 Ga, and the protection grade is IP66. According to user requirements, GSM network functions can be provided to realize low-cost long-distance wireless data transmission.