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The SRV 811R safety relief valve is installed downstream of pressure regulators to relieve limited volumes of gas. Used where venting to the atmosphere is acceptable, it provides a cost-effective solution to prevent safety shut-off valves from triggering in case of creep leaks from regulators. This valve is design for indoor installation and is ideal for low and medium pressure settings. KEY BENEFITS » Compact design » Accurate operation » High flow capacity » Easy maintenance » Reliable » Tight shut-off DESCRIPTION The SRV 811R safety relief valve is a spring loaded throttling relief valve, where a diaphragm measures the system (inlet) pressure, a spring provides the initial load to the diaphragm and establishes the relief set point, and a valve throttles the relief flow. read more
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About Us

EDB Perkasa Sdn Bhd is an industrial products supplier company. Our main office is located in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. We are the authorized sole distributor for KGE Vaporizer and supply other products such as ball valve, gas meter, pressure regulator and others gas equipments. EDB Perkasa involves in designs, supplies and installs LPG and natural gas piping system. EDB Perkasa Sdn Bhd is a privately owned company which offer quality industrial products for all regional customers. We also designing and repairing all kinds of industrial products. Our objective is to offer one-stop solution for all your industrial products needs. We ensure our products and services had meet the application criteria for functionality, compatibility, reliability and of course cost effectiveness. Our industrial products are widely used in chemical, power plant, oil and gas, environmental protection, paper industry, gas plant, water treatment, manufacturing and other fields. Contact us now for more information.   Welcome to EDB Perkasa Sdn Bhd read more
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Dec 4, 2020 at 04:18 pm —
 MARSHALL EXCELSIOR MEGR-350 Compact High Pressure Adjustable Regulator

MARSHALL EXCELSIOR MEGR-350 Compact High Pressure Adjustable Regulator

MEGR-350 - Compact High Pressure Adjustable Regulator 0-10psi - 1/4'' FNPT Inlet/Outlet Single stage, adjustable high pressure regulator. The body and bonnet of both the fixed and adjustable regulators are precisely machined and feature a crimped design and fabric reinforced rubber diaphragm creating a positive seal for leak-free performance. read more
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May 28, 2020 at 02:20 pm —
TANCY TBQS Quantometer

TANCY TBQS Quantometer

Product Overview The TBQS quantometer is a short pattern turbine gas meter that register the operating volume using an eight digit mechanical counter. Via pulses the operating volume corrector and converted to normal or standard conditions. It is designed for non fiscal or in-plant metering of natural gas, nitrogen, air (and other gases on request) in non-custody transfer and process applications and has been approved according to the European guidelines of 2014/68/EU and 2014/34/EU. The TBQS quantometer is suitable to be installed in hazardous area of Category 2 (ATEX / IECEx Ex-Zone 1) II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga. Features Meter size G10 to G1000 Flow rates from 16 to 1600m3/h Norminal sizes from DN25 (1'') to DN150 (6'') Pressure class PN10/PN16 and ANSI Class 150 Measuring range 1:20 Meter body is made of anodized high strength Aluminium Maintenance free based on permanent lubrication of ball bearings Manual lubrication od the ball bearings by means of oil pump as option Index head standard made of engineered polymer material, optional made of Aluminium Rotating index head (355) Recommended straight inlet pipe 3DN and outlet pipe 2DN Horizontal and vertical mounting position Approval according to PED (PED97/23/EG) read more
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May 28, 2020 at 01:44 pm —
Itron RR16 Regulator

Itron RR16 Regulator

The RR 16 regulator is designed for industrial use: gas supply networks, district stations, industries, heating plants, as well as for all installations where accurate pressure control, easy adjustment and fast response times are required, such as for burners, industrial ovens, boilers etc. KEY BENEFITS » Built-in resistance » Cartridge type diaphragm and valve assembly for easy maintenance » Wide range of interchangeable orifices » Approved by German DVGW DESCRIPTION The RR 16 regulator is a direct-acting, spring-loaded regulator with an optional built-in safety shut-off device. The balanced valve ensures constant outlet pressure when the upstream pressure varies. Technical Features Maximum inlet pressure: 16.0 bar Outlet pressure: 10 mbar - 1.1 bar Accuracy & lock-up pressure: Up to AC5 / up to SG 10 Operating temperature Gas: -20 C to +60 C Ambient: -30C to + 60C Acceptable gases: Natural gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and all non-corros Safety devices: Optional built-in safety shut-off valve                             OPSO: Over-pressure shut-off                             UPSO: Under-pressure shut-off Options: Built-in silencer Monitor version Sizes & Connections Sizes DN 25, DN 50, DN 80 Body lengths See table page 4 Flanges PN 16 Materials Body: Spheroidal graphite cast iron GGG 40, DIN 1693 Actuator: Steel S235 JR SSV actuator: Brass, steel and aluminium Internal parts: Steel, zinc-coated / Stainless steel Seals: NBR rubber / Viton Diaphragm: NBR rubber / NBR rubber, reinforced fabric read more
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Nov 10, 2019 at 10:37 pm —
KGE KDV LPG Electric Dry Type Vaporizer

KGE KDV LPG Electric Dry Type Vaporizer

FEATURES Electrical dry-type (Heating medium: metals with high heat conductivity / Heat source: electric heater) Design pressure : 1.77MPa(17.7bar) Explosion proof : Class I, Division 1, Group D & Ex d IIB T3 Electric power : 220V 1P 50/60Hz, 220V 3P 50/60Hz, 380V 3P 50/60Hz, Etc High quality and long-life electric heater Safety devices - Prevention of liquid LPG overflow with reset by mechanical float - LPG pressure safety valve : 1.76MPa(17.6bar) - Overheat protection by heater thermal switch for gas Gas temperature & pressure gauge High corrosion resistance in comparison with wet type vaporizer using water as heating medium Installable in narrow space or wall by miniaturization and weight reduction OPTIONS Additional device for liquid LPG overflow prevention by solenoid valve and heater thermal switch - In case of electric power outage and heater low temperature Control panel in order to check Vaporizer's conditions in the office Explosion proof type lamp for electric heaters on Vaporizer Explosion proof type lamp for solenoid valve open-close on Vaporizer Explosion proof type Emergency lamp for gas high temperature on Vaporizer Electric power on-off switch Electric power lamp for the power on-off condition read more
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TYL Type Rotary Gas Meter
TANCY TBQSe Quantometer
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Hamai BBS Brass Ball Valve
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Elster 10L Pressure Relief Valve

Elster 10L Pressure Relief Valve

Model 10L valve has a designed-in aspirating characteristic that minimizes system pressure rise during relief valve operation. The relief valve curves indicates a drop-in relief pressure with increasing fl ow followed by a gradual rise as the valve strokes to full open position. According to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC the 10L relief valve is classified as Sound Engineering Practice (SEP). Set point recommendations The relief valve set point should be suffi ciently above the nominal system pressure to accommodate the relief valve operation characteristic. The suggested minimum set is 1.25 times the nominal system pressure. Material specifications Body/cover Aluminium Bearings/orifice Moulded plastic (POM) Diaphragm Reinforced nitrile synthetic rubber Main features Piping strength 240 Nm at connection in any direction Reseat capability: Reseating takes place at 80% of the set point Mount in any position Maximum working pressure: 0.5 bar Maximum set pressure: 500 mbar Temperature range: -30 C to +65 ºC Connection 1 Threaded connection to EN 10226 (ISO 7) tapered Weight: 0.7 kg Set point flow: Set points are made at 0.15 m3 read more
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