Hwa Young HYR-2300C

HYR Series 2nd Stage Low & Middle Pressure Regulator

This regulator is for the second stage first reduction system that reduces pressure range 0.001~0.4MPa to low pressure or middle low pressure. This reduced pressure range enable to use second reduction regulator in order to reduce the pressure for proper use of commercial or industrial application.

Parts and Operation Diagram



  • Anti corrosion parts are used for high durability. Also this regulator gives quick response to max flow rate.
  • A special diaphragm gives its best performance in reducing pressure precisely and is possible for long lasting use.
  • This regulator is specialized in gas supplying system for multiple dwellings and residential or offi ce buildings.
  • An internal relief valve is equipped for safety.
  Middle Low Pressure Type
Inlet Pressure Range : 0.1~0.4 MPa
Setting Outlet Pressure (P2) : 15, 25 kPa
Outlet pressure Range : P2±Within 20%
Capacity : 300kg/h
Internal Relief Working Pressure : No Relief
Inlet Connection Size : 50-10K Flange
Outlet Connection Size : 50-10K Flange
Application : Commercial & Industrial

Advantages for Second Stage Reduction System

Allowances for Adding Appliances

Appliances can be added later to the existing load provided the high pressure regulator can handle the increase by the addition of second low pressure regulator. Since appliances can be regulated independently, demands from other parts of the installation won’t affect their individual performances.

High Capacity

The second stage reduction system can cover higher capacity of gas than single stage reduction system.

Minimizes Freeze Up

The regulator freeze ups occurs when moisture in the gas condenses and freezes on cold surfaces of the regulator nozzles. The nozzle becomes chilled when high pressure gas expands across it into the regulator body This chilling action is more severe in single stage system. However, the second stage reduction system can greatly reduce the chance of freeze ups by the double reducing of pressure with two steps of regulators which makes less chilling actions.

Economy Installation

In a single stage reduction system, line piping between the container and the appliances must be larger. In contrast, in a second stage reduction system, the smaller size of pipe can be used as it delivers gas at less pressure by two way reduce.

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